Huzzah for Dr Sketchy’s Anti Art School!

I arrived at The Railway Hotel with my sketchbook and charcoal and not a clue what I’d come to see or do . . . the evening was spectacular.

For those who don’t know either, Dr Sketchy runs burlesque life-drawing events (originally from New York venues, but now – happily – in Southend-on-Sea too).

Southend’s hostess is the luscious Lili La Scala, and this month she was joined by three of the most gorgeous acts in showbiz . . . Jan Maree, Shivannah and Captain Kidd. The evening was fabulous fun and for me the┬álife drawing poses were just the cherry on the icing on the cupcake.

The sketches were all approximately one minute long.

Thank you gorgeous people x x x

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